The Bajaj Foundation Map Application Privacy Policy

Professor Nico Slate has been working closely with the Bajaj Foundation for a long time, and for his class called Sustainable Social Change: History and Practice, he assigned a group of students, including Theophilus Onime and Gale Bonker, to create this map so that the Bajaj Foundation can visually track their progress. However, at the moment, the map is not at all secure. Anyone can just come in and make any villages and activities they want. If we had more time in this semester, we would have added authentication and authorization to this project so that only administrators could add, edit and delete villages and activities. This is an important change that we suggest for whoever takes over this map after the semester is over. We thank Nico Slate and the Bajaj Foundation for all that they have done, and we hope that this map can be further developed in the future.